Peak Offers High Quality Radiopaque Pebax® Compounds for Medical Manufacturing

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Peak Performance Compounding is proud to offer a range of high-quality Pebax® compounds for medical device applications, including radiopaque catheters. These radiopaque compounds are formulated with Pebax® Poly-ether Block Amide Copolymers and Barium Sulfate for x-ray visibility. Peak uses a proprietary dispersion process that results in high-quality, homogenous blends, critical for thin-wall radiopaque catheters. Pre-colors and heat and light stabilizers are also available upon request.

Manufacturing of these compounds is conducted in our dedicated white room environment in Leominster, MA. All lots are tested prior to shipment and quality is assured.

We are proud to offer price competitive, radiopaque solutions with small minimums (25 lbs.) and fast turnaround. We look forward to supporting your medical material needs!

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