About Us

Peak Performance Compounding, LLC. is a leading custom compounder and toll processor for the plastics industry. We take an unbiased approach to compounding by processing many different grades of engineering and commodity resins, as well as medical grade polymers. Peak offers twin screw technology that allows for processing advanced materials, highly filled polymers and pre-colored precision compounds. Our quality standards have been set to the highest level and are maintained through rigorous testing of our compounded products.

“Peak Performance Compounding, LLC believes in treating customers with integrity and best in class service; prioritized with reasonable lead times and uncompromised quality. We view our relationship with our customers as a partnership; our partners know that we care about their products and business as if it was our own.”

Todd Marchand, President Peak PCI
comprehensive products and services, Tailored to YOUR needs 
Manufacturing capabilities
  • Pre-color Compounding
  • Toll Compounding
  • Masterbatches 
  • Highly-filled Polymer Compounding
  • Pulverizing 
  • Dry Blending (Pellets & Powders)
  • White Room Manufacturing 
polymer services
  • Formulation Development
  • Application. Development
  • Process Development 
  • Color Matching
  • Scale Up (Trials - Production)
  • Material Testing
  • Regulatory Compliance 
market Applications
  • Medical Grade Materials 
  • Custom Colors
  • Mineral Reinforced
  • Heat & UV additives
  • Radiopaque Compounds – Barium Sulfate, Bismuth Subcarbonate, Tungsten