Open Position: Polymer Compounding Operator

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Polymer Compounding Operator

Job Description:

Peak Performance Compounding is seeking an experienced and reliable Plastics Operator with meticulous attention to detail for running its industrial and medical line of products. The primary duties of this individual will consist of; supporting the production facility by maintaining an organized workflow and environment, being familiar with and working with all necessary processing equipment to complete orders from start to finish, helping to troubleshoot and resolve processing problems, and assisting in the various stages of the overall production process including; inventory management, shipping, staging, mixing/blending, drying, compound processing, and preventative maintenance. The selected individual will be presented with a unique opportunity for growth and leadership within the company which is still in its startup phase. The chosen candidate will have a pivotal role in setting the foundation of the company as well as being fully involved in the expansion and future of the company.Monitor and Record Process information such as temperature, pressure, feed rate, weight, vacuum, and agitation speeds and adjust to required values.

• Monitor and Record Process information such as temperature, pressure, feed rate, weight, vacuum, and agitation speeds and adjust to required values.

• Know and understand equipment process capabilities and limitations (pressure, temperature, volume, etc.)

• Follow set up and process procedures for running and completing customer orders with extreme attention to detail regarding; correctly identifying name of product and raw materials, inputting process conditions into PLC, correct use and care of equipment, cleanliness of working environment, safety instructions, and processing checks.

• Troubleshooting and problem solving in product development and quality issue resolution.

• Attend and give valued input in meetings, such as communication meetings, safety meetings, production meetings, and others as required.

• Participate in lean manufacturing practices as a constant goal towards efficiency and safety within the production facility.

• Work well and communicate effectively in a team environment involving multiple departments.

• Perform well under the guidelines and procedures set for the ISO 9001 quality management standards to ensure consistency in products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

• Perform well under the guidelines and procedures in the ISO 13485 quality management systems for Medical Devices to ensure safety and quality for products tailored to the medical devices industry. where regulatory requirements are increasingly stringent throughout every step of a product’s life cycle, including service and delivery.


• High School Diploma or higher level of education.

• 1 to 3 years of Polymer Compounding strongly preferred.

• Good documentation skills and proficient math, science, reading and writing skills. 

• Decision-making, technical, and problem-solving skills. 

• Strong interpersonal, computer, written & oral communication skills.

• Experienced with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems (QMS) is a plus.

• Experience with ISO 13485 QMS for Medical Devices is a plus.

• Knowledge and history with; operation, repair and troubleshooting plastics production equipment, and troubleshooting plastics production process. 

Job Type: Full-time

Compensation and Benefits: Competitive hourly wage based on experience. Benefits package which includes health, dental, eyecare, long & short term disability, life insurance, and 401K retirement plan.

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