Peak adds white room for medical material processing

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LEOMINSTER, Mass (October 18, 2022) – Peak Performance Compounding, LLC. now offers medical polymer compounding in a dedicated white room environment. 

The 1,000 square foot white room is climate controlled and equipped with a 32mm co-rotating twin-screw extruder, which is dedicated to medical material processing. This medical compounding line offers multiple feeders for dispersion of highly filled materials and is suited to process commodity resins (including PE, PP, PS and ABS), engineering polymers (including PEBA, PA, 11/12, and PC) and high-temperature materials (including PEEK, PAEK, PEKK, PSU, and PEI).

“Our team has extensive experience in medical material processing, and we look forward to serving medical manufacturers with the highest degree of material quality and service,” says Todd Marchand, president of Peak Performance Compounding. 

Compounding capabilities include custom-coloured polymers and radiopacificed materials (using barium sulphate, bismuth subcarbonate, bismuth oxychloride and tungsten) for Class I and Class II medical device applications, including minimally invasive devices and components. 

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