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LEOMINSTER, MA (March 25, 2024) – The COVID-19 Pandemic resulted in an unprecedented deceleration of new product development worldwide. However, within the last year, manufacturing and innovation have witnessed a global resurgence. PEAK Performance Compounding (PEAK-PCI) is proud to lead the charge, providing crucial support to manufacturers with small production volumes for new product development.

Leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), especially in the medical and industrial sectors, rely on custom compounders like PEAK-PCI for formulation development, process development, and validation. PEAK-PCI remains committed to fostering innovation in today’s market, where resin suppliers and compounders are increasing minimum order quantities to maximize profitability. By investing in specialized equipment tailored for small-volume compounding, the company offers the unique capability to scale operations up to larger volume production seamlessly.

The recent strategic addition of two advanced small twin-screw extruders, measuring 22mm and 32mm, underscores this commitment. These extruders represent significant technological advancements by including strand cut, underwater, and waterless pelletizing capabilities. They offer complete pre- and post-drying functions, downstream feeding, and intricate pre- and post-blending and mixing. This sophisticated equipment allows PEAK-PCI to provide high-quality, small-lot compound batches, ensuring product integrity and reducing excess waste and costs associated with larger extruders.

Todd Marchand, President of PEAK-PCI, emphasizes the significance of this advancement: “Product development is one of the most important facets of the manufacturing process. The integration of these cutting-edge twin-screw extruders affirms our company-wide dedication to no minimum order quantity. We are excited to forge partnerships in the development of next-generation products and technology, facilitating our customers’ journey from initial concept to full-scale production.”

These extruders are particularly beneficial for PEAK-PCI’s clients who encounter challenges with small-lot testing, sampling, and pre-production requirements. By offering full-range scalability, PEAK-PCI effectively supports the rigorous development, testing, and approval cycles, particularly critical in the medical device technology sector.

PEAK Performance Compounding is actively engaged in numerous R&D initiatives aimed at meeting the demands of an ever-evolving market. With a keen focus on the medical and industrial segments, PEAK has notably expanded its role in new medical device technologies, aiding clients through complex development processes.

The trends in medical and industrial manufacturing towards more personalized and advanced technologies have increased the necessity for services like small-volume compounding. PEAK-PCI’s investment in new extrusion technologies provides a foundation for these industries to innovate without constraints, emphasizing product functionality over manufacturability.

Looking ahead, PEAK Performance Compounding is dedicated to revolutionizing the compounding sector. Its forward-thinking strategy involves continuous refinement of its technological capabilities to support OEMs in their quest to design and develop groundbreaking products. From extrusion techniques and pelletizing processes to color matching and testing, PEAK is prepared to meet the challenging developmental needs of tomorrow’s innovations.

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