Peak Enables Processing Efficiency & Cost Reduction For Highly Filled, Low Durometer Materials

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Manufacturing compounds with a high loading percentage of fillers and additives often provides processing challenges; particularly when base resins are soft in durometer. Peak Performance Compounding, LLC. has optimized the feeding, blending and extrusion process to provide optimum dispersion and pelletization of these blends for a wide range of market applications. 

The following case study outlines how Peak Performance Compounding LLC. has solved a critical manufacturing challenge for our customer and provided substantial cost savings at the same time.

Customer Profile: A leading resin supplier, providing specialty materials to a diverse portfolio of industries; including consumer goods. medical & pharmaceutical, industrial & manufacturing, building & construction, food & beverage, aerospace & automotive, oil & gas and energy.

Material Needs: An ultra-violet (UV) resistant elastomeric compound

– Low viscosity
– Low durometer
– Highly filled

Material Challenges: This particular customer needed support in the manufacturing a highly filled compound. Specific processing & business challenges include: 

– Filler dispersion (due to high loading levels) 
– Pelletizing (due to low durometer / tack) 
– Cost efficiencies (due to low production yields and additional processing steps)

The Peak Solution: Peak has extensive experience in processing these types of elastomeric, low durometer, compounds.  Utilizing proper equipment, extrusion processes and down-stream operations we were able to meet customer goals and application requirements. 

– Customized under-water pelletizing, specific to low durometer material 
– Unique continuous blade sharpening procedure
– Customized feeder technology and screw design

The Outcome:  Peak proudly met our customer’s unique material needs and provided them with the following material and business-related benefits: 

– Ability to market a high quality, UV elastomeric compound to their customers 
– Pellet consistency in size and shape (spherical) 
– No strings or tails 
– Increase in production yields (less scrap) 
– Elimination of both pre- and post-production steps 
– Significant cost savings compared to manufacturing in-house or with less-experienced compounder 

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